GPS Timeserver TSV-400GP

GPS Time Server TSV-400GP

TSV-400GP Overview

This time server uses a GPS antenna to receive high-precision time information.

  • Devices such as computers or servers that are connected to the network and use the standard time synchronization protocol of NTP or SNTP to communicate with this product can obtain the accurate time.

    Also, information about the operating status of the time server can be obtained using a web browser or SNMP.

    At the same time as operating as a time server, the TSV-400GP can be used to periodically synchronize the time of various devices by turning on the regular time semiconductor relay output circuit.

  • GPSタイムサーバーネットワーク

    The TSV-400GP supports IEEE802.3af compliant PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply, and can therefore receive power and operate from an Ethernet cable.

Reasonable price JPY 90,000 without tax

UTC information from GPS and QZSS satellites

*Reception from Quasi-Zenith Satellite

Obtains highly precise Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) information from GPS and QZSS satellites and provides accurate time information in response to client’s requests.

    • The Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS)

Overview of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS)

QZSS is a Japanese satellite positioning system composed mainly of satellites in quasi-zenith orbits (QZO).

When QZSS (Michibiki) becomes a four-satellite constellation in 2018, three satellites will be visible at all times from locations in the Asia-Oceania regions. QZSS can be used in an integrated way with GPS.

GPS Satellite

GPS衛星(GPS satellite)

The American Global Positioning System (GPS)

Compatible with a PoE power supply

The unit is compatible with a power supply from a LAN cable. This means it can be installed free of the constraints of the power supply’s position.

CE Marking certifi cation compliant/ RoHS compliant

An environmentally-friendly product free of hazardous substances

  • GPS Timeserver TSV-400GP
  • GPS Timeserver アンテナ

No need to use dedicated application software

Functions as an SNTP server.

Network protocol: NTPv3/v4, SNTPv3/v4

There is no need to install a dedicated application software on your computer, meaning that the product can be used with any OS and in any use environment. Connect the product to your computer to confi rm items and specify settings via a browser.

Reasonable price

The product is available for a reasonable price, a feat made possible by specializing it for time synchronization. We highly recommend this product for customers who have refrained from introducing time servers because of their high prices.

The antenna can be installed outdoors

A lightweight, compact, separate-type unit with an antenna that can be installed outdoors

The GPS antenna comes with a 5-meter cable for outdoor installation (IP44 equivalent). Consisting of a separate antenna and signal converter, it allows for fl exible installation and does not take up a lot of space due to its compact dimensions.
In addition, the use of separate cables enables it to be extended by up to 600 meters. This means you can set up the antenna in a place with good reception of satellite radio waves.

Reception monitor included in the package

The reception monitor of the signal converter allows you to confirm the signal reception and operating conditions of the equipment.

Two lines of semiconductor relay output

The unit can turn on the semiconductor relay output circuit for two seconds every hour on the hour, at the same time as operating as the time server. This means it can also be used to set the equipment clock on a reguarl basis.

Configuration, System Information

System Information

System Information screen

System Information screen


Network Configuration screen
Network Configuration screen
Examples of the time server settings screen on computer
Examples of the time server settings screen on computer
Interface of TSV-400GP
  • GPSタイムサーバー端子LAN+リレー
  • GPSアンテナ端子
Optional Products

Extend Siglnal Cavle (20m) [TSVCA-20]

Price JPY 12,000 without tax

Product Specification: S-MVVS 0.3mm24C x 20m
[RoHS compliant]
Product Specification

Siglal converter

Case AES resin, light gray
Input signal Serial signal
Accuracy Within +/-1ms (GPS time synchronization)
Output signal (1) Semiconductor relay output signal: 2 systems
The output circuit is turned on for 2 seconds every hour on the hour
(2) Network interface: 1 systembrbr
NTPv3/v4, SNTPv3/v4
RJ45  10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
Reception status LED display
PoE power input IEEE802.3af compliant
Temperature range for use 0 to 40℃
Power consumption 2.2W (maximum)
Weight Approx. 0.2kg

GPS antenna

Case Polycarbonate resin, light gray
Receivable radio waves GPS satellite radio waves/quasi-zenith satellite radio waves, L1 band
Receivable frequency 1575.42MHz
Reception sensitivity -145dBm (during cold start)
Temperature range for use -20℃ to 60℃
Protection level Equivalent to IP44
Installation bracket Stainless steel
Weight Approx. 0.5kg (including 5m cable)

AC adapter

Input voltage 100V-240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage DC15V 0.4A
Cable length 1.8m
Weight Approx. 0.1kg